Why I Blog

In the past, I’ve given reasons why blogging can be a great idea. I wanted to give the few basic reasons why I blog.

It allows me to lay out a longer and deeper argument.

This is the main reason why I have a blog. Typically I write and publish my thoughts using Twitter. I love Twitter’s micro-blogging platform. It has caused me to condense what I say to 140 characters. This has helped me cut many wasted words and get straight to the point in whatever I write.

Yet there are times where a few tweets are not adequate to lay out a thought or an argument. A great example of these longer thoughts is when I wrote my argument stating that tongues were still part of the typical believers life. This post could of never been written in a series of tweets. It would of been separated and not seen as a whole piece and argument.

This is why I have a blog. I don’t write in-depth posts everyday, but when I want to write one, it’s great to have a place to do it.

It allows me to me train myself in the art of communication in writing.

In my opinion, writing is one of the hardest things to do in communication. Written words contain no emotions, inflections, attitudes, etc. It is only in the way they were written that they can convey those sort of things. Writing long-form blog posts here help me to tune my written communication skills. Writing has never been my strong suit, but the more I write here, the more my writing is being refined.

It allows me to write once, share forever.

I have talked to many people over the years and will continue to do so. Writing my long thoughts in a blog keep me from using time repeating myself. Now I can send them a link and say “read this.” I can also share a thought with a group of people instead of saying it multiple times, person to person.

It’s my personal doctrinal journal.

It’s beautiful and humbling to look at my blog posts over the years and see the maturing work of God in my life. I don’t like writing in a paper journal and I’m not much of a everyday journalist. Using a blog though, I can capture the major spiritual things I have believed and taught as well as post personal updates from time to time.


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