Books I’m Currently Reading

Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men To Love
(Douglas Wilson)


I’m reading this as a father and husband. The quotes I’ve already read from this book assure me that it will be a great book. It’s written by a complementarian author and I expect to learn a lot about my role as the priest of the home.

Gospel-Centered Discipleship
(Jonathan K. Dodson)

9928 large image

I’ve been wanting this book since I first heard about it. Discipleship and being gospel-centered are two of my favorite subjects to read and think about. It looks like it is a discipleship argument based on Matt Chandler’s book The Explicit Gospel (that I recently finished reading). If that is true, this book may become one of my favorites.

Jesus Killed My Church
(Randy Bohlender)


A great book from a friend. This book is very highlightable. There are truths found every where in this book that will catch you up in thought. It is such a beautiful book written from years of God killing a church-planter’s dreams.

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?
(F.F. Bruce)

TheNewTestamentDocuments lg 12669 zoom

I’m reading this to study up on the canonization of Scripture. There were a few questions posed to me in the High School Sunday School class that I felt I needed to study more about. I bought Canon Revisited: Establishing The Origins & Authority of The New Testament Books by Michael J. Kruger (which is great too) but I wanted something shorter and simplified. I asked a bunch of people and searched the internet for a book like that. This 100-page book was the unanimous answer.

The Pursuit Of God
(A.W. Tozer)

The pursuit of god

Tozer is my favorite author. After the Bible, his book The Knowledge of the Holy is my favorite book of all time. I have never fully read Pursuit of God or God’s Pursuit of Man. I found this book for free and couldn’t resist reading it.

This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence
(John Piper)

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I have heard of this book for a long time. I’ve also read quotes from it and thought it would be nice to read. Then I saw this video:

I saw the video and bought the book immediately. I want and need my marriage to be that grounded in Christ.


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