Worship Artists That Have Greatly Influenced My Songwriting


Matt Redman
Favorite album: 10,000 Reasons, Facedown

I know of no greater songwriter that has affected worship in this generation than Matt Redman. Every cd he makes is great. In my opinion, his live stuff is better than his studio recordings. He has been a spiritual father to me regarding merging worship songs and theology.

Heather Clark
Favorite album: Selah

I love singing scripture. I think the more word-for-word scripture a song has, the better it is. Heather Clark is a hero of mine. She was the first person I saw write worship songs 100% out of scripture. She opened her Bible and sung it. She didn’t just take themes or a few words from the Bible, she used it word-for-word with no additions. The above cd is crazy good.


Marty Sampson & Reuben Morgan (Hillsong)
Favorite album: Mighty To Save, Blessed

Hillsong has changed a lot in 20 years with many highs and some lows. Around 2002-2005, they hit their high point in creativity and writing, in my opinion. This was mostly due to the duo of Marty and Reuben. Each song they wrote who excellent, worshipful, and catchy. I learned more about singable melodies and lead rhythmic melodies from them than anyone else.

Various IHOP Artists
Favorite album: Constant

IHOP is a deep well of music. They have many, many worship songwriters, all who have their own unique style and sound. They are pioneering how to combine deep theology, prayer, and worship songs. It’s passionately beautiful.