If America Was A Land of Wisdom

Due to the ongoing issues of gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and other things, I’ve been thinking about the principle our nation was founded on.

People debate whether this nation was founded on Christianity or Christian principals, but the one thing no one argues is the principals that started our nation and what ties everything together.


The word “freedom” (or “liberty”) is found in most American speeches, historical documents, and at the center of most judicial decisions. For better or worse, it the central tenet of the American life. No matter what the issue is, it always comes back around to freedom. In the name of freedom, we have some great things in America: the ability to personally succeed, to worship, to assemble, to debate and argue, to choose how to raise our children, etc. Yet in the name of freedom, we have done some terrible things in America such as kill over 50 millions babies in the name of convenience.

We believe freedom is the state of being completely unbound and unfettered, from all law and responsibility. That is not the scriptural stance of freedom. Christians understand that biblical freedom isn’t be unbound from everything, but being fully bound to Jesus. Since He made us, submitting to Him fully is the only way to experience true freedom. Yet, America wants nothing to do with this.

Our elections are currently about which candidate is going to protect our freedoms the best and give us “new freedoms.” In the next two elections, I’m sure we’ll see candidates promise freedoms to particular people groups, current illegal activities, and leisure activities. They will win because of this. Freedom is the center of everything we do in America.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if America was founded with wisdom at its center, not freedom?

I know that we wouldn’t enjoy some of the things we enjoy now (possibly like capitalism), and I’m not foolish enough to believe America would be a “moral” nation if we were centered around wisdom, but wouldn’t it be slightly better? Our arguments wouldn’t be centered around our selfish desires (what we currently call “rights”), but around what is the wisest thing, what is best for all parties.

The gun control debate wouldn’t be about rights over safety but the wisest way for prevent violence and implement safety.

We wouldn’t base our elections on the candidate who promises the most freedoms but the smartest and wisest. Maybe our country wouldn’t be in as much debt as it is now.

I’m not sure the abortion argument would of even came up (same with the gay marriage debate) since we wouldn’t be fighting for rights, but how to live wisely.

At the same time, James says there’s a carnal wisdom that’s “worldly, fleshly, and demonic” (James 3:15). It promises that wherever this wisdom is, “there will be disorder and every sort of vile practice.” So maybe America wouldn’t be any better if it was founded on wisdom instead of freedom.

What we really need is Jesus to return. He’ll lead the world (including America) in all righteousness.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.