A Million Graces

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I find myself remembering things I’m grateful for. However I (and, I believe, many of us) tend to only give thanks for notable events in my (our) lives. We thank God for healing/recovery from cancer, a life saved in a car wreck, a solid marriage and family, etc, but how often do we show our thankfulness/gratefulness for the million secret, trivial things that He does everyday?

So this Thanksgiving, I want to list a bunch of these “hidden graces” that I’m thankful for in my life. I won’t list all of them but hopefully enough. My prayer is that others will be stirred to thankful remembrance of His goodness in their lives. Some of these things may sound super trivial to some, but realize that God is sovereign over everything, and so anything that causes us to smile is caused solely by His goodness.

I’m thankful…

  • for a beautiful loving wife
  • every time my wife is moved to forgive me
  • for two beautiful daughters
  • every time my daughters do anything that cause me to smile
  • for grace in times of parental frustration and discipline
  • for the hope knowing that my daughters futures and salvation are in the Lord’s hands
  • that my wife can be a stay-at-home mom
  • for a roof over my head
  • that every month God has faithfully given us the finances to pay the rent (and utilities), even in times when I was out of work due to chronic sickness
  • for I job I enjoy that pays well so I don’t have to work two jobs
  • that my job is local and only five-minutes away
  • for my dad, brothers, and sister
  • for my mom
  • that my mom has lived this long
  • for the holidays when all the family can come together
  • for my church family that is constantly encouraging us
  • for the worship team that allows me to help serve/lead them
  • for a congregation that allows the worship team to have fun while leading worship
  • for the whole of church history that has given us what we have today including the Bible
  • for older saints who pour into my life
  • for younger saints who ask to be poured into
  • for an amazing pastoral staff
  • for a senior pastor who leads me and mentors me in leadership and life
  • that I’m trusted to lead a Sunday School class for high schoolers
  • for friends who care about me to tell me the truth and to accept who I truly am
  • for Chick-fil-a and Publix
  • to live in a nation where I’m not in fear of being killed in a church bombing each week
  • that my brother serves honorably in the Army
  • for a cool breeze and 72-degree weather
  • for Christmas
  • for sins being forgiven before being committed
  • for eternal security and hope