I Heart FHP

i wanted to drop a quick note to say how much i appreciate the florida highway patrol and their officers.

i was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire the other day, and i could not get this tire off for the life of me. i called fhp and they had an officer there within minutes. it was one of the greatest experiences in my life (since God used that situation to teach me something…more on that here) and i am deeply grateful for the fhp and all they do. this is far from the first time they’ve helped me. they’ve always been there when i’ve need them.

so to everyone who works for the florida highway patrol…thank you for all you do and all your service to the people of florida!


Revival Cities (Part 1)

this is a repost from the old delandhop site…it is part one of my thesis that God’s eternal desire has been set on cities, governments and global places instead of churches… (also it will contain my beliefs about the future of deland)

“We have seen what happens when God falls on a church, but we have yet to see what happens when He falls on a city.” – Tommy Tenney

That is a quote from Tommy Tenney, a revivalist and author of the best-selling book “The God Chasers”. The quote itself comes from a dream he had about two people talking in an airport. They were discussing this new place that was in full scale revival…except they weren’t talking about a church. They were talking about a city. In his dream, Tommy is leaning over trying to hear what the name of the city is but he wakes up before he can hear it.

“Impossible” you say? Why? Too long, many churches have had a theology that limits the fullness of God to being poured out in a church…only concentrated within a large group of believers. We have taken the idea of “I will pour out My Spirit on all fresh” (Acts 2:17) and have limited to “Christian flesh”. The idea of the Spirit of God falling on unsaved masses makes many church people’s stomachs turn. But it shouldn’t be. In fact, after Peter preaches about Jesus and the Spirit in Acts 2…3000 people get saved, baptized and filled with the Spirit. The next day, 5000 are added to the church. Later on in Acts, the Pharisees declare that the disciples have “turned the city upside down”. The entire town is transformed. Then another town called Antioch is converted and it keeps going from city to city.

Many of the epistles are written to the church IN A CITY. When Jesus speaks to the seven churches in Revelation, He addresses the angel (messenger) to the church IN A CITY. At that time, there was no separation from God’s move in a church to God’s move in a city. The point of the great commission was to start in Jerusalem (a city), Judea (a city), Samaria (another city) and to the uttermost parts of the earth. If you follow that formula…He means cities! A main goal in the church has always been to bring a city to salvation…but sadly throughout time we have lost the original focus of the apostles. We are happy just to church plant…to help our stats in different areas. We are shocked when missionaries tell us that an area doesn’t have a church…but we don’t feel anything when we realize that a nation has not one city that is totally transformed by the Spirit of God!

How does this make you feel? What do you think about the thought that God desires cities to experience His Spirit and not just churches? What would it look like if an entire city were to experience the fullness of “revival?”

Please feel free to comment. It would be a good discussion to have. 🙂