(LINK) Keys To Spiritual Warfare

my friend tim wrote a great post with a few keys regarding spiritual warfare:

1. Pick your battles, pick the battleground. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in this. (I got this rule from studying natural warfare and reading about Lee’s mistake in not choosing the battleground at Gettysburg).

2. He who studies evil is studied by evil. Spock quote. I never study or give myself to too much study of the the spirit or principality. If I know God I will know my enemy and the Holy Spirit teaches all things.

3. Never beam down to the planet when staying on the ship is an option. I never want to intervene in a situation unless expressly told to by the Holy Spirit.

although i am not a die-hard star trek fan, i thought his star trek example (later on in the post) was priceless. good job tim!

i honestly believe that this is 90% of what someone must know regarding spiritual warfare. there are other things to know, but many times we simply do not communicate with God and follow Him where He leads. many times we are found trying to pick a fight…and we wonder why we lose or experience a lot of “backlash”.

what did you think of the post? what other things have you learned regarding spiritual warfare? how often does God take care of the issue without involving you?


(LINK) Reasons You Should Study The End Times

great article by david sliker:

9. Jesus told us to. Matthew 25:13. Enough said.

that pretty much sums it up. all the others reason are great too. check it out!

are there other reasons you should stuy the end times? what did you think about the article? are the reasons given enough to justify a deep lifelong study of the end times? is it really for everyone or a select few?

(LINK) Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

amanda in her post writes:

So often, despite all our nice-sounding language, we still want to approach God having something to give Him, something to show Him, or something with which to impress Him. We often feel shame over our small beginnings, our weak little areas where we have said yes to God but have not made much progress. Maybe it’s been a few weeks, maybe it’s been a few years, but we look at what we’ve got… and then we look at where we want to be… then we look at where we’ve been, and it doesn’t seem that far away… Our well-meaning, but misdirected intentions render us discouraged of our journey and embarrassed to go before God about it.

But our God is amazingly generous and kind. He is not wanting a stellar performance. He just wants us to pick up the “plumb line” and go for it. His eyes scan the entire earth looking for people who will just do that much. He’s looking for people to delight in. He’s looking for small beginnings to bless. He isn’t waiting with folded arms for us to get our act together. He’s cheering us on. He’s behind us. He’s supporting us. He’s giving us extravagant favor. His heart is for us.

great article explaining the context of zechariah 4 (something i never hear taught). really motivated me to see and rejoice about my life and “yes”es like God does.

what did you think of the article? what “small beginnings” are in your life that get you discouraged? do you rejoice about your life like God does?

(LINK) The Matter Of The Heart

ashley has a great post calling for thoughts about the heart:

Hey, Think about this: what kind of difference would it make if you knew and believed that who you are (your heart essentially) is good and not evil?

it’s a great question and i’m really excited to see what people think. i encourage you to check out her blog and throw in your thoughts about it. you can also read mine. here is a summary:

i believe that (what i call) “the redemption of the heart” (the heart becoming naturally good instead naturally evil) CAN happen…but it doesn’t happen automatically. (like steph says) there IS a hole in our heart that only God can fill…but that is not our WHOLE heart. just like Jesus is invited in our whole life…that doesn’t mean He is ruling and has control over our whole life.

it’s a journey and progression, learning how to let Jesus take FULL control of our WHOLE heart. when He does, He fills us with “all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (eph 4:2…the next verse after the eph 3 prayer).

when we get to THAT point…i think then we can start trusting our hearts…cause the WHOLE of our hearts are filled with God…not just a part.

what do you think about this answer? what are your thoughts about “the redemption of the heart”?

please go leave a comment! 🙂

(LINK) True Joy

i read this post last week and i still find my soul longing for this. check it out:


…imagine then, Father Leo, that we arrive at the monastery and the men refuse to let us in. In fact, they mistake us for thieves that have been troubling them and, after a long and fruitless attempt on our part to convince them otherwise, they angrily send us away. Thus, in the cold and rain we go to the entire village trying to find shelter for the night; yet none show us any kindness or give us a place to stay. So, desperate, we return to the monastery and try again. This time, the men there, in their frustration to drive us away for good, come out and beat us.

“Then there, lying on the ground, cold and wet, we find that there is no anger in our hearts towards those who have wronged us.

“That, Father Leo, would be true joy.”

What’s Missing In Blogging Is Boldness

i had a quick thought today that in today’s culture…we are missing boldness. we are missing the boldness to say what we are truly feeling, thinking or believing. i think it is due in part to the “fear of punishment of being wrong”. i think in today’s culture, we expect everyone to have a belief and thought system that is as flawless as Jesus Himself. while this may save us from a lot of error…it also keeps us from taking a risk and thinking outside the box.

i have read and heard a lot of comments about people and churches (like rob bell, joel houston, hillsong, political candidates) regarding what they do, how they do it, what they believe and preach and what they focus more on. but when it comes down to it…i think (can i do that without being judged? lol) that we are just afraid of something new, different and dangerous. we hate risk. we hate change. we hate realizing that we don’t have it all down. we hate seeing that there may be someone who knows more than us. and while i do believe in judging things by the Word of God…if it DOESN’T DIRECTLY CONFLICT with scripture…why can’t we give it a try and see if it will fly? (no rhyme intended) why can’t we take a risk? why can’t we try something…even if we think it may fail?

who told us that we can’t fail? who told us that we can’t work something out? who said we have to get it right the first time? that’s why i love this “journey” thing that the world (and our church) is on. yes, there is a destination. but there is also a journey…and God cares about both! if He wanted us to be perfect and complete and in heaven…altar calls would be “instant death” services…cause when we reach our destination (being heaven in this case) we will be perfect and complete. but God longs to shape us into that completion here on this journey.

i love this article i found today on wordpress. david quotes at the start of his blog:

“Curmudgeon Alert…pet peeve to follow.  Disclaimer: Blogs are places to arrange thoughts and mull over ideas.  Not everything read in one’s blog is put into practice or followed to the letter.  Sometimes it is simply the author thinking aloud and inviting other’s to follow along on the journey.”

he then goes on to talk and share and you know what? it was fine. (i encourage you to read the article and leave him a comment on what you think)  i was actually happy to hear someone else’s true feelings and heart…regardless of the issue. it wasn’t blasphemous, it wasn’t sinful…it was honest. and honesty is a great trait to have nowadays with so much lying and deception going on in this world.

now when i talk about boldness, i am not talking about arrogance. here’s the difference. boldness will speak true to itself, but it is humble enough to accept when it is wrong. arrogance speaks true thought and feeling…regardless of what the truth is (i think the word “truthiness” is a synonym) and will not change its position. speaking for myself, i know i may have some crazy thoughts that are on the edge (have you seen my thoughts about modern worship? or my insights into the feminine spiritual dna?), but when Jesus speaks to me and tells me that i am “off” in any of these “crazy” areas…i gladly change what thoughts and feelings i have about it. at least i am passionate and open enough to take a risk…no matter who may not like it.

i mean who has made any serious impact in the world by always being popular and doing what everyone says is right? not even Jesus did that. 🙂 i challenge you to write something true to yourself and God…something that might be crazy enough to make a difference.

what do think of boldness versus arrogance? do you think there is a fear of being wrong in the church and world today? do you admire people for being bold and saying what they really think…even though it may not be totally right?

(LINK) Viewing God Like He Is

great article written today by my new friend tim:

…the God they serve shapes the kind of people they are. Looking at history from what I’ve studied I find that to be very true. Take the Greeks for instance, their “gods” were like them. They had like passions and were deceitful and the husbands were unfaithful to their wives and all sorts of things. The Romans had the same religious system that the Greeks had. Both of those societies drowned themselves in drunken orgies and found themselves dead in no time.


take a look at the entire post cause he talks about the way WE should view/see God. i agree with Him. it’s a very balanced view. i’m also in the midst (prolonged midst…lol) of reading “knowledge of the holy” by a.w. tozer…so i love anything that comes as thought from that book.

be sure to leave a comment for him and show some love!