25 Random Things About Me

i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted something so i decided to post this here. i wrote it for my facebook page. hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about me. 🙂

  1. my initials used to spell M.A.T. (Matthew Allen Tucker), which is cool…but now they spell M.A.M. (Matthew Allen Manchester)…which is not. although i don’t get called matthew tAlker anymore. 🙂
  2. the three main things i care about in a friend are servanthood, lover of truth and fun to hang out with….in that order.
  3. i love skittles so much that if you give me a bag of them, i may think you’re making a pass at me.
  4. i love movies that are closer to three hours than two.
  5. after three hours at busch gardens, i have ridden everything possible countless times, i’m exhausted and i want to go home. no, i couldn’t care less about the animals.
  6. i don’t love graphic design. i don’t love marketing. i don’t love playing piano. i love expressing my heart and solving problems.
  7. my mom is my hero because of all she has been through and still suffers..
  8. i make phone books.
  9. if you ask me for a solution to a problem, i won’t answer you until i have a seemingly full-proof and my first answer will be the best you will get from me. that’s why i try to surround myself with people who can take that answer to the next level when it falls short.
  10. my favorite version of the Bible is the ESV.
  11. whenever i see a new spiritual truth, i tend to think it’s the most important thing in Christianity. after a few months…i find the right balance.
  12. i think “end times” is one of the most important things in Christianity. and in reference to #11…i’ve felt that way for over two years now)
  13. i don’t play video games because i get frustrated easily and i really suck at them.
  14. i like to talk to myself a lot. if fact, it’s a must everyday.
  15. in reference to #14, if i am somewhere and you can’t find me there…check an empty room or closet. i most likely am spending some time alone to collect my thoughts.
  16. my life is all about long-suffering, perseverance and patience.
  17. my dream is that my life would be funded by the songs i write and i could then work full-time at the church for free.
  18. i adore peppermint, caramel and chocolate.
  19. i can’t sleep at night without moving air or white noise…hence i sleep at night with a fan. no matter how cold it is.
  20. i listen more to silence in my car than music.
  21. i feel called to help and teach young adults and children. mostly due to reason #12.
  22. many times i forsake being honest with someone to keep them from being offended.
  23. i don’t like chain-letters or random apps or causes on facebook. if i do, get or join one…there is a purpose. or it’s a serious #22 issue. lol
  24. i love the show “24”. in fact, sometimes i think it’s quite prophetic.
  25. i would do anything, no matter how hard or how jacked up it makes my schedule, for anyone i trust and care about.

Another Note On Chick-Fil-A

I just wanted to post a quick note about Chick-fil-a. I was down in Orange City today helping out a couple set up a sound system at a school event. I figured I would go there for lunch since they have given me many reasons to.

They were awesome as usual and as the manager was getting me a refill, I noticed a sign that was stuck on the register. It said:

Clocked in? Then in your mind, put your right hand on your heart and say “RIGHT NOW, I VOW, TO WOW

Yeah, that basically says it all. I got better service today at Chick-fil-a than I got at Roadhouse Grill last night (especially since they remembered to give me my debit card back).

I Heart FHP

i wanted to drop a quick note to say how much i appreciate the florida highway patrol and their officers.

i was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire the other day, and i could not get this tire off for the life of me. i called fhp and they had an officer there within minutes. it was one of the greatest experiences in my life (since God used that situation to teach me something…more on that here) and i am deeply grateful for the fhp and all they do. this is far from the first time they’ve helped me. they’ve always been there when i’ve need them.

so to everyone who works for the florida highway patrol…thank you for all you do and all your service to the people of florida!

The Four Levels Of Tiredness

it’s been a really long weekend (and it’s not over yet). due to a lack of sleep, i have had some crazy, funny, frustrating and awkward experiences this weekend. i realized that there are four levels of tiredness/exhaustion (at least that i know of). here they are:

  1. frustration
    this is the beginning of being tired. when you are tired the first thing to go is your patience. it seems that every little thing and every person seems to do something to tick you off. the best thing you can do in this state is either take a nap or eat chocolate (cause that will help take away that headache that accompanies all the frustration…lol).
  2. funny
    if you continue staying awake after the frustration comes, everything will eventually become funny. it’s like being drunk (not that i would know…people just look at me like i am…lol). this is when nothing you say makes sense…but yet is hysterically funny. the majority of our humor stories come from these times in our lives. nothing takes the frustration away quicker than the overwhelming urge to laugh at things for no reason. this level is so worth being tired for (as long as you can sleep afterwards…lol)
  3. over-emotional
    i have to admit that this is my least favorite out of the four. this is where you are so tired that your emotions are on your sleeve. all your walls that keep hidden secrets and the true things you feel towards people and situations are no longer there. personally, i lose all my inhibitions in my communication life. i start telling people how it is (lol). the hardest thing for me is that i get depressed for some reason. i start feeling really lonely and thinking my life is a waste. i look at things in my life and start judging everything out of context…although i do get really quiet (due to a lot of tired thinking), so some people like when i get to this state. 🙂
  4. sick
    this is the highest level of tiredness outside of death. this is where you are so tired that you feel physically sick. the only way you can stay up at this point is to jerking your body around by drinking (or injecting…lol) multiple cups of triple espressos or multiple energy supplements. but the longer you stay up the worse the sickness gets. you start off feeling sick, then you get a fever, then you want to vomit and it keeps getting worse after that. this is also the state that your body is craving sleep. if you shut your eyes for 20 seconds…you’re gone. that may be the best part of this state…you never have to fight to get asleep. lol

well, i’m going to go to bed now. i am in between the third and fourth level of tiredness myself and i have a long day tomorrow.

what other “levels” are there that i didn’t mention? do you agree with the four levels? are they in order? what stories do you have about the four levels in your life?

Reasons I Love Chick-fil-a

  1. They have a killer marketing plan and team. 
  2. The building has a great layout.
  3. The little details and smart design sense in their products and setup. Their tables and booths are so perfect.
  4. They’re closed on Sundays. Talk about blowing that whole mindset away that “you give up your standards and beliefs to satisfy the customer’s desires.
  5. Customer service!!! They have always gone above and beyond the norm to make sure my dining experience is a joyous one. Now they are even coming around to tables to refill drinks and such. It’s like I get a waiter/waitress that doesn’t accept tips!!!
  6. Incredible products. (No other place can boast that their food is as good as Chick-fil-a. They have the best chicken sandwiches and the best ice cream & milkshakes. I can’t find anyone who will argue that)
  7. It seems like their employees actually want to serve you and it seems like they are happy doing it. I listened to two Chick-fil-a employees brag/argue joyfully about who is serving better and who is making more customers happy. Business became a challenge to overcome instead of a weight to be dropped. For once, I ate not being under the weight of “I am stressing people out, even though i’m paying them”.
  8. Customization? No problem!!! I can do or have anything i want. If I can dream it, they will do it.
  9. Working/helping the non-profits. I am blown away by how many non-profit organizations and churches that get fundraising help and support from Chick-fil-a. More church parties and things are held at Chick-fil-a than any other restaurant. That tells me they understand how to help their community.
  10. A sense of humor. Their employees, marketing campaign and even their cheap calendars constantly state their wit and humor. It’s nice to be able to go somewhere for lunch where you can escape the madness of your day and just sit there and laugh.

Although there have been times where I have had an issue with the service or something else at Chick-fil-a, they have proven over the years to sincerely care about me and my life and likes. Any problem or issue that arises is quickly taken care of, and that’s why i love Chick-fil-a.

Random Moments With Friends

i’ve been reflecting on how blessed i am to have great friends. i’ve been thinking about all the memories, random things and good times i’ve had with them. here are a few that i’ve been thinking about:

  • friday night at wonderworks and then finding out that all the gay people work at fridays after midnight
  • hanging at barnes and noble for several hours at a time…then doing it again the next day
  • watching a good zombie movie
  • going to a starbucks even though it is WAY out of the way
  • eating at steak and shake at 3am once a month and still having an hour drive to get home
  • going to jared to help pick out a ring (my diamond sense is…awesome?)
  • taking random mall trips to help friends christmas shop for their spouse
  • skipping sunday school to enjoy a milky-way hot chocolate at dunkin donuts
  • watching skiing on a hgtv on a new ikea couch
  • getting army-styled haircuts in a friend’s bathroom
  • finding out that a “house of blues techno concert” really means “cracked out rave where you’ll be asked for ecstasy”
  • watching friends walk backwards through a mall…and then fall down a flight of steps
  • being pulled over in port orange at 4am
  • having roman-candle firework fights in the middle of the woods during a drought season
  • finding out that cotton candy is easier to get on your body that it is to get on the cone
  • reading the Bible in different accents that make it extremely humorous (it even makes numbers a really fun book to read)
  • finding out that pms also stands for postal mail service

what weird yet fun memories do you have? do you feel blessed when you think of your friendships?

Piracy: A Consequence Of Not Caring

i was at the movie theater the other day and i noticed that the movie theater had a big campaign going on against movie piracy. it was in posters, trailers and other advertisements that were posted everywhere. now i fully believe that piracy of any kind IS stealing (and i state that STRONGLY) but i started to think and ponder about piracy for a minute and that’s when i came to this conclusion:

even though piracy/stealing is wrong and should never be done, people are naturally evil. it could be utopia on earth and people would still choose to be evil over being good (this fact is proven by the 1000 year reign of Christ…people will still reject God even though the world is under perfect rulership). yet there are things that cause some people to change their standards and morals to more of an evil nature. (ex…we will see more and more gas stealers as the price of gas goes up…especially in a quick dramatic way). so what would fuel more people to steal movies?

my answer is a lack of caring.

how many excellent “must-buy” movies were released last year? out of all the trilogies that came out, i personally only cared for 3 of them (out of 5) and would buy only 1 of them. only 2 i would rent. but what about ALL the other movies that were made last year? i believe the movie industry has stopped caring. we are STILL in a season of stupid remakes. no one seems to have any originality and movie companies are more than happy to fund the vomit of apathetic ideas (strong language i know…lol). all they care is about money, which is ok…but can’t they ALSO care about making a good movie? how is it so easy to make a terrible movie?

i think even if movie companies required the movie to be good (story and all) before they funded it…people would still steal them…but i think a lot less people would. a lot of people are like me…we don’t want to waste our money on a movie that sucks. we have lost our confidence in the movie industry. we don’t believe anymore that they are trying to give us the best possible experience…something truly worth our hard-earned money.

i’m calling for the movie industry to do something, set up some standards or regulations, to gain back our trust. their reward would be more money…cause people wouldn’t have to “preview” (aka steal) the movie before deciding whether to spend their money on it.

it’s all about trust.

what do you think about greed, evil and piracy and their effects on each other? ARE the movie companies partially to blame for the piracy epidemic? what could they do to gain back the trust of movie-goers?